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    “Learning is not a process taking place exclusively in one’s head.

    Stimulating environment

    Children learn the best what they can experience through all their senses. That is why our teaching combines ways of stimulating both the child’s physical and intellectual development. We teach through passing on information about the world. We use modern, interactive and extremely effective tools. In our classes we incorporate the latest computer software which not only supports the teaching process but is a great fun for the children.

    In touch with nature

    An important element of our programme of teaching is instilling in children the need for, and the ability of communing with nature. We start with discovering the environment close to us: trees, plants, flowers, birds, and proceed to learn about the world and the universe. Individual topics are closely related to individual seasons of the year and numerous outdoor activities are a perfect complement to what the children learn in classrooms.


    Music accompanies our children all the time. It reduces stress, give children extra energy and improves their memory. The children listen to all kinds of music: classical, folk, ethnic and also modern compositions. They sing in both Polish and English. Music is also played when the children are resting after lunch.

    Physical movement

    According to kinesiologists, the main cause of learning problems is the blockage of chemo-electrical signals responsible for transmission of information in the brain. Simple physical exercise could help unblock the connections between the right and left hemispheres improving children’s concentration. Physical movement helps increase coordination and reduces stress. It makes learning easier and more natural.

    Art classes

    Art gives children possibility of expressing their emotions and broadening their horizons. Working in groups on an art project is also an excellent form of building stronger relations between children and teaching them the rules of cooperation. Analysing children’s work we can see the development of their creativity and the differences in the way they perceive various events. Art classes also prepare children to learning to write.