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  • Kids’ Academy Preschool

    We are a team of qualified teachers who are lucky to indulge their passion for educating and looking after and educate children. Half of us are qualified English language teachers specialising in teaching children.

    We bring them up

    We support parents in bringing up healthy, active, sensitive, self-reliant young people, who are going to be successful in coping with problems of everyday life. We want our children to develop not only cognitive skills but also sensitivity to problems of others and tolerance towards other cultures.

    We teach them

    Since an early age we individually help each child to discover their strengths, talents, and we inspire them to acquire new information and skills. Instruction is provided in both Polish and English. We believe that the best way to achieve fluency is through immersing oneself in both languages.

    We guarantee that your child will...

    • be safe and well looked after
    • have lots of fun
    • develop his/her skills and knowledge in a modern, technology enhanced environment
    • acquire foreign languages naturally
    • be taught English by a native speaker
    • participate in many competitions
    • develop all necessary social skills, learn to cooperate with other members of the group, and make friends with other children
    • be exposed to different cultures and traditions, broadening horizons and learning tolerance
    • be provided with excellent conditions to learn and play
    • participate in numerous events: concerts, meetings with special guests, performances, picnics outings to the theatre, cinema, art galleries, local parks and the zoo.