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    monika konieczna kowalczyk


    Managing Director

    Co-founder and co-owner of Kids’ Academy, managing director.

    Graduate of a medical academy.

    Magdalena Eysmont - small


    Managing Director

    Co-founder and co-owner of Kids’ Academy, managing director.

    Graduate of Warsaw School of Economics.



    Anna Kądzielnik

    Preschool Headteacher / Pedagogical Director



    Native Speaker

    I’m British , and originally came to Poland to teach English to adults. However, after having children of my own, I started working in preschool, which was initially challenging, but ultimately very rewarding. To help me with this challenge, I completed a Young Learner’s Academy course run by PASE.

    It gives me enormous pleasure to share in children’s discovery of the world. And I greatly appreciate the fact that they give me instant feedback on the quality of my lessons!

    Every day I visit each class and sing songs, play games and read stories, along with Teddy – a friendly bear who helps me. In this way children absorb, without even knowing it, a whole range of vocabulary and structures, as well as the natural rhythm of the language. Most of all, I hope that these songs, games and stories will form a part of their childhood that they will later cherish.



    Lead Teacher

    Working with children I look after their overall harmonious development, at the same time, paying attention to individual needs of every child. I want the children to learn in a creative and care-free atmosphere. There is nothing more precious that a child’s smile and a trusting look on their face.

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    English Teacher

    “My utmost goals in working with children is making them associate learning with pleasure and building solid foundations for their future language acquisition. Every day I try to bring out the natural potential of my students, their energy, enthusiasm, curiosity about the world, creating lessons based on songs, games and physical activities.”

    Nartalia Centarska - small


    English Teacher

    My aim is to teach children through fun and games and at the same time to immerse them with the English language. We also develop motor and manual skills and I introduce elements of the culture. I focus on providing the kids with the atmosphere of comfort and safety.

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    Lead Teacher

    Children are so full of joy; they don’t hide their emotions, but say what they think; they have incredible imaginations and working with them means discovering the world anew each and every day”

    Dominika Pietras - small


    Music and Movement

    Kalina Kwiatkowska przedszkolanka


    Speech Therapy

    Kalina studied psychology at WSFiZ (University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw) and Speech Therapy at SWPS (University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw). After graduating, she completed a year’s internship at the ASAN Centre for Development Support.

    For me, a child’s smile and willing cooperation are the greatest rewards for my work, and that’s why I do my very best to make sure they are happy to attend my classes.

    A friendly atmosphere is the key to motivating both children and their parents. This is particularly important as the best effects are achieved when therapy is not limited to a 30 minute session, but when children and their parents are actively involved in the therapeutic process.

    As a speech therapist I continually develop my therapeutic interests and skills, actively participating in training courses and co-operating with other therapists.

    Renata Karniłowicz - small



    Physiotherapy, or correcting postural defects, consists of exercises which prevent or correct motor defects in muscles and ligaments.

    "My classes in preschool are generally aimed at the prevention and early detection of incorrect posture in children. They learn basic corrective exercises to stretch and strengthen weak or contracted muscles."