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    In Kids’ Academy Preschool in Wilanów classes are run in Polish and in English and are based on Polish Curriculum as well as British National Curriculum. In our teaching process we use the immersion method and apply glottodidactics. We inspire the kids to be creative and think independently.

    The main objective of our preschool is to provide the kids with comfort and good atmosphere which help to introduce bilingualism in a natural way.

    Our graduates successfully gain entry to private schools of their parents' choice. They are self-confident and emotionally ready to go to school and deal with various tasks and challenges.

    Kids’ Academy Preschool in Wilanów has a spacious playground located far from busy streets. Kids can enjoy fresh air and the sounds of nature.

    Spots still available in our bilingual reception class 6-year-olds. We prepare kids to all types of primary schools.
    Spots still available in our English-speaking group of 4-year-olds (kids born in 2015). Both Polish and English speaking kids are welcome.

    Preschool Admissions

    Spots still available in all age groups!

    Primary School Admissions

    Admissions to grades 0-8 for children born in 2005-2013

    Preschool for children aged 2.5 to 5

    Tailor-made programme of teaching in each group.

    Nonstop english

    Interactive teaching methods - latest technology supporting learning process.

    Polish & British curriculum

    25 hours of English instruction classes and 11 hours taught in Polish language - curriculum in accordance with Polish Ministry of National Education guidelines