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    Our children have a wide choice of optional classes, taking place in the afternoon, usually after 2:30 pm. Additional charges apply.

    Children and parents are welcome to take part in a free class before taking a decision about enrolment.

    The following optional classes are offered in the current preschool year:

    • karate
    • ballet
    • meeting with art
    • keyboard - individual classes
    • speech therapy - individual sessions
    • dance classes
    • bricks4kidz - building from Lego blocks
    • TUS





    Marianna Sulima-Nurkiewicz

    • graduate of University of Physical Education and Tourism in Warsaw
    • graduate of University of Physical Education and Tourism in Warsaw
    • 1 Kyu holder
    • since 2004, PE teacher in a primary school
    Dominika psycholog


    Dominika Pietras - small

    Dominika Pietras

    • Kazimierz Wielki University, Bydgoszcz: Music Teaching, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology
    • Arthur Rubinstein School of Music, Bydgoszcz: Piano, Eurhythmics
    • University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations: First Certificate in English

    Playing an instrument has a positive effect on a child’s development. It stimulates their psycho-physical development, improves manual co-ordination, develops their aesthetic sense and above all their musical talents.

    Learning to play an instrument stimulates both the left and right sides of the brain. It improves memory, concentration and creativity. It allows artistic expression (free jazz through improvisation).

    In the initial stage of working with pre-schoolers, I use the ‘learning by ear’ method, which focuses on ‘tuning the ear’ to sound, and ‘mobilising fingers’, or developing the agility that will allow the child to play notes that are intentional rather than accidental.

    We focus attention purely on movement and sound – eyes control fingers and ears control the sounds they produce.

    During lessons the children discover, through means of play, the shape of the instrument, and its range of high and low tones.

    In lessons, children are introduced to a short song which they try to play and sing by ear, thus developing their musical memory. A third of lesson time is dedicated to learning musical notation.

    Meeting with art


    Patrycja Kowalewska

    "Creativity is the driving force behind human’s every action.
    The theme of my classes will be a meeting - a triad - of a teacher - guide, of a child - sensitive artist and the world - things, people and their emotions.
    My classes’ motto is: Each of us has a beauty. You only need to let it free. Each of us has been endowed with a special talent. It only must be nurtured. To grow you need to create, to create you must be able to love yourself and others."



    Bricks4Kidz is devoted to provide an extraordinary atmosphere for children, where we learn, we build and we play with LEGO bricks.

    Classes are designed to teach the fundamentals of S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education, built around our propietary model plans, created by engineers and architects. At our classes we believe that Kids learn best through activities that engage their curosity and creativity. Our team is a group of professional tutors with years of experience in working with children. Students develop fine motors skills, participate in hands-on classes, gain practice, and nurture process-oriented thinking and abstract thought.

    Akademia Tańca Malucha


    Dance classes conducted by Polish Champions Maja Małczak and Hubert Krysztofiński.

    Dance instructors began working with children and teenagers in 2019. They are active dancers in the highest international dance class "S," members of the Sports Dance Federation Team, represent Poland at European and World Championships, and were crowned Polish Champions in Latin American dances in 2020 and 2021.

    Classes help students develop their sense of:
    - motor coordination,
    - self-discipline,
    - sense of rhythm,
    - routine and responsibility,
    - ability to work in a group,
    - general physical fitness,
    - memory.

    Children will learn various forms of dance, from disco-dance to the most popular songs, through ballet, folk dances, to ballroom dancing (cha cha, samba, English waltz, etc.).